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Tournament Point Series

The WYS/NWS Winter Tournament Point Series rewards participation, games won, and championship game appearances.  Teams will receive 1 point for each event entered.  Teams will also receive 1 point for each game won during tournament play and 1 point if they play for the championship in qualified events.  

The top teams in each Grade Division’s I and II with the highest point total will receive FREE ENTRY into the PNAAU District Championships in April (Minimum of 3 events to qualify for the free entry) 

Qualifying Tournaments

Winter Warm Up, Veterans Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas Classic, I-5 Winter 1 Day, Presidents Day, The Girls Battle In Seattle, Pee Wee Post Up and the Seattle Martin Luther King. Head to Head results in games played will determine ties in any divisions. (Must have roster with current AAU Card Numbers on file with WYS to qualify)


Click Here to see a .PDF version of the TPS Standings

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