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How to start an AAU Team or Program

Looking to start an A.A.U. Basketball Club?

We are asked often about the steps for start an AAU Basketball Program so we decided to give a quick overview on the steps you will need to go through to get organized and register with the Armature Athletic Union (AAU).

The first thing you will need to get started is an AAU Club Membership.  To apply for this membership you will need two people to lead your club.  They will need to be current AAU Members.   Click Here For AAU MEMBERSHIP.  You will be directed to this page.





Click Get A Membership, and follow the prompts.

Once you have your Individual Memberships, click Start A Club and follow the prompts.   You can have as many teams in a single club as you may need, so take a look and see what Club Membership Level will work best for you..  You will have 3 choices.




Once you have your AAU Club Membership, you will receive a CLUB NUMBER.  This is important.   When you receive your Club Number you can start registering athletes to your club.  You will need to give your athletes the Club Number and have them use it when they purchase the Individual AAU Memberships.  Once your Club Membership is approved, you can get your AAU Insurance to use when you contact schools, Parks & Rec and other organizations for practice space for your teams.

As is always the case, if you have any questions about this process please contact the PNAAU District Office. 1-800-AAU-4-USA

Website for PNAAU

AAU Membership

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